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It's not fine dining, It's fun dining

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Fresh and homemade food

Get a beautiful selection of all your favorite food!

Treat your friends and family to lip-smacking lunch items

Are you planning to treat your family and friends to a hearty lunch? Visit Serendipity Café and we're certain you won't be disappointed with the wide range of items we have on our lunch menu. Enjoy a hearty meal of fresh homemade food in our restaurant which features a relaxing, welcoming ambiance. FREE Wi-Fi is available!


Have an outstanding patio dining experience with a wide array of tasty options, including 13 different burgers and grilled salmon. You'll also find a wide variety of beer and wine options to accompany your meal. Pick out your favorite from a range of homemade salads that includes potato salad and pasta salad.

Wide array of lunch items to choose from

Fun dining experience

  • Beer and wine options

  • Homemade and fresh food

  • Variety of home-made salads

  • 20 different burger options

  • Fresh vegetarian options

  • Homemade soups

  • Mac n cheese

You'll feel at home at our cafe with hand-painted tables and chairs. Take comfort in knowing that we don't serve frozen food. Everything is always prepared fresh at Serendipity Café, and there are a variety of food options to suit everybody's taste. Have a fun and exciting dining experience every time you visit us!


You can also rely on us for professional, convenient on-site and off-site catering services! Call 864-855-8921 to learn more.

Firefighters, teachers, police and military personnel can enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT!

Have an exciting dining experience with us! Visit us at:

104 A East Main Street

Don't forget to bring your valid ID to enjoy a discounted meal with your friends and family!